ingrid-headshotI am honoured to welcome you to Eco Heart Sanctuary. It is my deepest wish that you find peace and a new understanding of your deep and sacred connections to the Earth and the natural world. In this fast-paced world of computers and the ever widening digital world it’s easy to lose touch with what is truly ‘real’. Many of us have forgotten to really see our surroundings when we leave our computers and our work. Eco Heart Sanctuary offers virtual retreats where you can use this technology as a tool to reconnect you with the Earth and nature as well as with others who are sharing a similar journey. Once a year, a one-of-a-kind retreat is held on Salt Spring Island. This retreat offers an intimate setting for a limited number of participants. There is also a private Facebook group for sharing your journey, thoughts and ideas with like-minded others. Don’t forget to subscribe to the complimentary Eco Heart Magazine filled with insights on a variety of topics.